At Twin Peaks, we try to minimize the stress of construction by creating a smooth process, from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the fact that we keep construction inconvenience to a minimum as well as we keep the rooms tidy at the end of each day.


Twin Peaks team is formed by real pros, with a solid track record of getting the job done, on budget and on time. Our years of experience allow us to factor in potential delays and issues that may potentially occur. Although it doesn’t always happen, this forecasting prepares us for hiccups down the road that may affect budget and timeline.


A contractor’s word is his most valuable asset, second only to the skill and expertise of his team. The way we approach a project gives you a fair and competitive quote based on your design, the scope of home renovation or construction. You know exactly what you will pay – guaranteed.


We deliver a finished project that meets your expectations and we complete all of our obligations to your satisfaction. You can trust Twin Peaks with your vision and we will make it come true. Building trust and being easy to work with has earned us a lot of happy clients and we’re determined to keep it that way.

Design Build

Having a single point of contact for all of your needs can improve communication and help the project stay on budget and on time. Twin Peaks has the capability of supplying a full team for your construction project, including designers, contractors, architects, electricians or plumbers. We can accommodate your work needs with professionals that can be trusted.

Book a complimentary consultation with Twin Peaks. After your free onsite consultation, we’ll provide a comprehensive, no-obligation estimate. Call us today: 778 882 8001.