North Vancouver Construction

North Vancouver Construction

Should you build or buy a new home? Building your own home offers several benefits, but it generally a risky financial affair because you need excellent credit and enough down payment to get the preapproval. The unknown truth is that a successful project depends on the type of contractor you hire. We can guide you towards affordable and speedy construction while identifying factors for superior construction in your budget. Our construction services typically follow these processes to ensure the best residential and commercial construction.

Construction services for residential and commercial services


Practical construction should have impeccable plans with accurate budget analysis and schedule. You must choose builders in North Van who fully involved in the planning to craft a plan that will include all your commercial and residential needs. Our team will try to narrow down all specs of the construction by outlining the following things:

  • List the sizes and functions of all rooms and spaces
  • Have a clear vision of the space orientation to allow easy connection to all kinds of utilities
  • Determine the accurate building feasibility, such as the building codes and local regulations
  • Determine the accurate forecast of building costs and timelines
  • Choose the texture, size, and colors of materials
  • Home remodeling in North Van

Our North Vancouver custom home builder manages to outline all the project details by discussing the rough sketch of the design concept. Our construction companies in North Vancouver avoid unwanted surprises in the future, so you comply with the necessary codes and still achieve your home’s vision on the first try.

Draw the project

Design development follows a schematic process and must have drawings to include the following details:

  • The floor plan
  • Location of doors and windows
  • The roof plan
  • Elevations
  • Structural features

We must agree on every detail of the plan and draft a contract document to guide the construction.

Types of residential constructions

Residential constructions fall under the same categories, even when they have custom designs. We can construct any home, including the following:

  • Townhouse
  • Multi and single-family homes
  • Bungalow
  • Cottage
  • Condo building

It is important to note that luxury constructions are not in every contractor’s designation. We have an exceptional service that mainly focuses on building luxury homes and will be glad to include your custom ideas for the perfect luxurious home.

Types of commercial constructions

Commercial buildings vary in their look, feel, finish, and purpose; because there are so many ways to construct a commercial building. The requirements are diverse and extensive; hence our custom home builders in North Vancouver are flexible enough to carry out meticulous attention. The most common commercial constructions with unique design variations include:

  • Restaurants to serve any number of people and have any design orientation
  • Lodging facilities with all kinds of features including spas, saunas, and gym
  • Office buildings to accommodate any size of staff
  • Industrial building for a multitude of functions related to the industry, such as a high roof for large machinery, or multiple storages designed for regulated temperatures
  • Sports and recreational areas like a gym or a sizeable stadium. These places have a lot of intricate details; hence we reserve the option to work with contractors who understand the business

Are you ready to start your residential or commercial construction? Get a free quote online and call our renovations contractor (W. Vancouver: 778-882-8001 or N Vancouver: 604-243-1793) for more information.

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