Kitchen Design Alpharetta

Kitchen Design Alpharetta

The kitchen is one of the most relevant spaces at home. It is not only the place where you prepare the food. This space is commonplace, where the family meets at least twice a day and shares.

In the market, many styles and trends are tempting. However, in addition to the aesthetic aspect of the furniture, you must take in mind other criteria that go far beyond the visual element.

When you design your kitchen, try to favor aspects such as utility, flexibility, simplicity, ease of cooking and cleaning, and practicality. Gastronomy is durable over time, and you must understand that decorating and conditioning this space must provide you with lasting solutions over time.

To get a perfect atmosphere in your kitchen, you should take your time designing it. Consider the lifestyle of your family and the type of use you will give to space. Also, the most advisable thing is that you hire a specialized kitchen furniture manufacturing service so that you do not depend on the proposed solutions of the manufacturers. It is essential that you take into account specific criteria for the design.

The Distribution

The kitchen must be spacious. That is why you must choose the ideal distribution according to the space you have. These are the four common distributions:

  1. Linear: A single line of cabinets, is the solution in elongated kitchens. If space allows, you can place a large counter on the front wall of the cabinets.
  2. Island Type: This is an option if space is extensive. It supposes another surface to prepare the food or to use it as a breakfast area.
  3. “U” Distribution: It will be practical and functional for rectangular spaces. The objective is to use one side as a countertop and bar area, and the other as a kitchen and sink.
  4. “L” Type: It is ideal for small spaces. You will get more work surface without overloading. If you are doing a kitchen design in Alpharetta, you can contact us. The experts at Kitchen & Bath Cabinets can advise you on the ideal layout for your space.


The cabinets are the other crucial aspect in the design of your kitchen. Take into account the following tips:

  • The removable modules are ideal to maximize the space. You can take advantage of the corners and difficult places.
  • The translucent doors are ideal for the cabinets where you are going to place the glassware.
  • Tall cabinets make the most of space. They will also allow you to store the bigger

Other Issues

Also, consider other aspects such as the color of the walls (whether painted or tiled), the type of floor you are going to install and the lighting. Also have in mind the appliances that you are going to acquire for the kitchen, and how they will be distributed. If you can find the right distribution, custom furniture, matching paint, and combined details, you will have managed to find the perfect environment.

Trust the Experts

If you want to make a kitchen design in Alpharetta, the Kitchen & Bath Cabinets team is ready to assist you. We are the leading company in the manufacture and installation of custom furniture for kitchens and bathrooms. Let us offer you the best of the market, so you can enjoy a beautiful, lasting cuisine that adds value and quality of life to you and your loved ones. Contact us.

Kitchen Design Alpharetta

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Kitchen Design Alpharetta