You’ll find that the average home may be functional, but when it comes to creativity, it seems that things are missing. Think about this for a moment, and consider your home right now. If you want to renovate and want to go beyond the norm, harnessing a bit of creative energy into the design and construction of your interiors can be a great thing. To get moving forward in that regard, you should consider the following creative ideas that could turn your home into more than just a residence. Before you venture forth in hiring a good Vancouver general contractor, make sure that you take note of some of the ideas mentioned below.


Hide A Reading Room

If you have an extra bedroom, or you have a nook in your home, consider adding a unique hiding place to read, or relax. This can be done by adding a bookshelf in front of a door frame or perhaps something a bit more elaborate. The secretive nook can be a great way to get some shut eye, or perhaps do some work without getting interrupted. Imagine your home turning into Wayne Manor (Batman) for a moment, and you will have a creative solution that is worth investing into.

The Customized Shower (Walk In)

One of the most incredible solutions for your bathroom, especially if you have a good deal of square footage, is to get rid of the boxy shower. Instead, look into a walk in shower with stone or tile, and have the water stream from the ceiling in a creative fashion. Or better yet, align multiple streams to hit you as you enjoy a relaxing shower. Of course these can get a bit complicated, which is why you should not overlook the need to hire a Vancouver general contractor and get yourself expert assistance here. A walk in shower could be the one amazing solution to your bathroom’s renovation that is like an open canvas of creativity.


Open Up The Ceiling (Sunroof)

For those that are tired of dark rooms and empty ceilings, perhaps the most iconic of solutions will be found with installing a sunroof. A sunroof in the bedroom may seem like an insane idea, but if you live in a location that has a stunning night sky, you will find peace and tranquility will come through when you can see the constellations from your bed. Of course you could have an automated cover to close things off for privacy or to shield you from the morning rays, but this solution could create an illuminating bedroom décor. This will definitely need a good Vancouver general contractor, as it will take some serious work to waterproof and sustain the clarity of the roof, and more.


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